This Transformative Solutions Grant winning project, “Crowdsourcing Peace: Closing the Feedback Loop in War-to-Peace Transitions,” involves working with partner organizations to prepare crowdsourcing platforms and educational initiatives for countries going through peace processes. Its aim is to establish crowdsourcing platforms to help monitor the implementation of key components of the peace agreements and associated peace-building activities. Additionally, ongoing work includes supporting the corresponding consultation mechanisms to help decision-makers adjust the implementation of peace-building activities to correspond to changing perceptions and dynamics.

When setting up these platforms, the researchers will ensure (to the extent possible) the anonymity of citizens supplying information via SMS/text messaging. Any associated risks will also be well-communicated to individuals and groups involved. The researchers will capture the approximate (i.e. cell tower) geographical location of the respondent for both analytical purposes, as well as monitoring and response purposes for regional peacekeeping bodies. The team will then validate the information to ensure its accuracy. In the pilot stage, they will work with the United Nations and other actors implementing the peace-building activities to ground truth a randomized sample of the crowdsourced information via direct observations and interviews with community groups. Once the platform is developed, it can be scaled to any conflict where cell coverage is available.

Principal Investigator: Mike Findley

ConDev Point of Contact: Benjamin Tkach