Edwin Price


Howard G. Buffet Foundation Chair on Conflict and Development




Edwin C. Price leads the Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M, seeking to create and utilize an understanding of the role of development in preventing and mitigating armed conflict. He conducts research, teaching and development on fragile states, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Southern Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other conflict affected regions.

As founding director of the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, he built international agriculture at Texas A&M University System reaching $75 million in grants and contracts in 2012. Price was the lead author and advocate of federal PL 106 373 Famine Prevention and Freedom From Hunger Improvement Act of 2000—legislation linking global economic development to state and local interests. He led international agency teams to evaluate and design development projects in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Jamaica, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, and consulted throughout Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. A Peace Corps Volunteer in Sarawak, 1962-64, Dr. Price has also worked at the Federal Reserve Board, the International Rice Research Institute, and Oregon State University.

Within the U.S. university community he has pioneered public-private sector partnerships including formation with the McDonald’s Corporation of the American Potato Trade Association; management of The Coca-Cola Company/McDonald’s/Conservation International Amisconde Project for Central America; and the InterAmerican Development Bank program on intellectual property rights and private investment in research in the Americas. He served in many agricultural research and development roles for the international agricultural research centers, US Department of Defense, US Department of Agriculture, US Agency for International Development, International Fund for Agricultural Development and other UN Agencies.


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