Évaluation extérieure de l’École de Santé Publique de Kinshasa

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External Evaluation of the Kinshasa School of Public Health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Brian Colwell (Texas A&M School of Public Health) with support from Anne Rimoin (UCLA School of Public Health) and USAID

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This evaluation project, funded by the US Agency for International Development, aims to determine how effective the support provided to the Kinshasa School of Public Health over time has contributed to helping the school fulfill its mandate as a training and research institution. Beyond the primary aim, secondary aims included in the request are “… to identify what assistance could be most effective for enhancing KSPH’s role in strengthening human resources for health in the DRC, answer the question of how well various stakeholders, especially the Ministry of Health, have been served by the school, and provide recommendations to ensure that sound business practices are followed, with an emphasis on improving sustainability.”