Menychle Mesert Abebe - Student Media Grant, Ethiopia 2016Student Media Grantee Menychle Meseret Abebe is currently in Ethiopia filming a documentary and taking photos depicting the challenges children face in obtaining an education.

“In this summer time, schools are closed in Ethiopia. As a result, this is a time in which many children will be prone to labour abuse. I have heard their stories. Most of the children in the area are engaged in works such as farming, collecting fire wood for energy, keeping cattles, fetching water and so on.”

Menychle is also interviewing several people for an article to be featured on the ConDev website. To learn more about Menycle and his photoexpedition, visit his project page. More details and application instructions for the Student Media Grant can also be found here.

Open to students worldwide, the Student Media Grant funds aspiring photojournalists to chronicle an issue related to international conflict and development (up to $5000).

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