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USAID Buy-In Mechanism

The relationship between USAID and ConDev, facilitated by Texas A&M University’s membership in the Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN), allows for reduced administrative costs and time expended. This allows the Center to bypass the extensive bidding process and start implementing programs faster.


US Department of State – Conflict and Stabilization Operations

In June 2016, the US Department of State selected ConDev to join its Peace Process Support Network, a collection of 37 organizations around the world with capabilities to assist US Embassies and DoS bureaus in Washington with negotiations, analyses and program implementation in support of ongoing peacebuilding efforts. As a member of this network for the next three years, ConDev will propose innovative approaches to peacebuilding for specific conflicts, including helping DoS understand and counter threats of violent extremism in their countries of interest.

In other words, ConDev is short-listed for funding opportunities from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) for proposals related to peace processes. This renders us more competitive when it comes to implementing programs like our Congo Peace Center dialogues in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We also hope this will open up opportunities for more partnerships, collaboration and research both across the Texas A&M University System and around the world.


IDIQ with Hickory Ground Solutions

As the US seeks to maintain a low military profile in conflict-prone states, the role of civil organizations like ConDev at Texas A&M University is coming to the fore. We are a part of team, under Hickory Ground Solutions (HGS), that has been awarded an Advanced Expeditionary Warfare Development (AEWD) IDIQ contract by Army Contracting Command. We are among 16 organizations that will participate in applied research, advanced technology development, and operational systems development in support of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and other government agencies involved with expeditionary warfare technology research. The award is capped at 800 million dollars over the next 5 years.

Additional partners on the HGS Worldwide (HGS) team include the New Mexico Tech Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC), Decisive Analytics (DAC), Orbis Operations, LLC  (ORBIS), Tekla Research Inc. (TEKLA), Technical Assent (TA), Rose Solutions (ROSE), Supply Chain Vistas (SCV), Immersion Consulting (Immersion), and Vestige Consulting, LLC (VCL).


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