Managed by Dr. Kofi Boa, Director of the Center for No-Till Agriculture in Ghana, and Dr. Fred Boadu, Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M.

The objective of the #GhanaNoTill project is to assemble case studies of farmers in different cropping systems across agro-ecological zones of Ghana who have adopted and maintained no-till practices without outside support, and to document the biophysical (soil properties and crop yield) and socioeconomic (income and other quality of life indicators) benefits that they have achieved through no-till systems. This data collection is done with a view towards gaining insight and offering advice to the Ghanaian government on policies that will further encourage farmer adoption of no-till practices.

There are two main objectives in the socio-economic component of the research program:

  1. Collecting data on farmers’ allocation of time to daily farming activities

  2. Mapping of farmers’ lands including details of farming practices and land use.