The Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M (ConDev) is working to build local research capacity by offering competitive grants to scholars. As part of USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN), ConDev helps bring the work of these local scholars to decision makers.


Democratic Republic of the Congo: Peaceful Development

In the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), ConDev provides funding to faculty at the Université Catholique du Graben in Butembo; these Howard G. Buffett Foundation-supported awards strengthen the collaboration between academic and government institutions through the design, implementation and evaluation of scalable solutions that address obstacles to peaceful development.

Uganda: Environmental Management in the Oil Sector

ConDev is also partnering with the USAID-funded Environmental Management in the Oil Sector (USAID/EMOS) program to deliver “Emco” awards, which engage Ugandan researchers in the development of Transformative Solutions to problems caused by the exploration, extraction, processing, marketing and utilization of Uganda’s mineral resources. All proposals must also include a conflict reduction component.

United States: Public Health

Finally, ConDev is administering a third competitive grants program at Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health, which will support the development of solutions to community health challenges in conflict-affected areas. This is known as the ConDev Public Health Grant.