2018 Student Media Grant Program

Living with Fear: The War inside Brazil


Photo Exhibition – May 2019 — The photographic exhibition “resist” depicts the survival and resistance of populations living in social conflict areas and which are historically marginalized by society! Click on the video produced by UFPR TV to learn more: Resistir: Exposição Fotográfica | 07.05 até 24.05


Plinio Luis Pereira and Gustavo Queiroz worked on a photojournalism project that unveiled the reality of the Brazilian “favelas,” poor communities that find themselves in a vulnerability status and at social risk. Their pictures represent how the violence that happens in these spaces interferes – or not – with the daily life of favela residents.

Project website:  https://resistir.46graus.com/

Project Final Report:  Report – Project Resisti – Plinio Lopes and Gustavo Queiroz