Aggie engineering students Isabel Hegedus, Madison Cooper, Joe Hall and Ben Hall developed a vegetable washing system to be piloted on one of ConDev’s Guatemala projects this summer!

The vegetable spinner is a human-powered mechanical device that spins vegetables underwater in order clean dirt off them without causing damage. It was developed by the team for ConDev’s “MAP” Program, which seeks to enhance the livelihood and incomes of rural women by building facilities for women to bring their home grown vegetables to be washed and packaged. These vegetable packaging facilities, located across Guatemala, allow local women to earn an income for their families.

This new product will increase efficiency in cleaning vegetables, thereby increasing the overall productivity and income of the women. If all goes well, Cooper and her team’s invention will impact the lives of over 2,000 Guatemalan women!

The team was selected through a competitive process to present their prototype at USAID’s Innovation Marketplace in November 2016.


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