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Monday, August 2, 2021

From November 2013 to May 2014, ConDev partnered with the Bush School of Government and Public Service to conduct research on malnutrition in North Kivu, DRC.

DRC: North Kivu Malnutrition

From November 2013-May 2014, ConDev partnered with The Bush School of Government and Public Service to conduct research on malnutrition in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). This project laid the foundation for long-term cooperation between the Bush School, ConDev and institutions in the DRC and other fragile and conflict-affected nations. Upon their return to the United States, the graduate researchers presented their conclusions.

Through this Capstone course, students applied their knowledge to produce the following publication.

Barlow, S., Chen, Z., Finnegan, G., Furaha, B., Pichanik, B., Stadler, C., Swensen, J., Ruyle, L.E., & Gawande, K. (2015). Prevalence of Child Malnutrition in North Kivu, DRC: Evidence from Bunyuka Parish. Development Journal of the South. 1(1): 24-42.

DRC: North Kivu Malnutrition

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