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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Student Media Grant Program grants funds to students or recent graduates to conduct development or extension programs in the field and chronicle issues affecting conflict areas.


Announcing our 2021-2022 SMGP Grantees!   

The Center on Conflict and Development, with the assistance of internal and external review panels, has selected three new 2021-2022 Student Media Grant Program grantees!  Congratulations to the following Texas A&M University students for submitting their winning proposals:  

          Amit Kumar Ghoshal, Refugees in Their Own Country: Plight of The Indian Kashmiris - Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences Dept.

          Garrett Brogan, Weaving Together Broken Communities (Kenya & Rwanda) - Department of Agricultural Leadership Education and Communications

         Joseph Bouchard, Post-Conflict Development in Action: Lithium Mining in Bolivia - The Bush School of Government & Public Service

We look forward to working with these students as they complete their photojournalism programs to chronicle critical issues being faced by communities affected by different types of conflict.  This grant is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation Chair on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University

The SMGP Application Period is now closed. Follow us on social media @ConDevCenter to learn when the new application period will be.

SMGP PROGRAMS (Past and Current)

About SMGP:

ConDev's Student Media Grant Program awards funds to current students or recent graduates from within the Texas A&M University System interested in conducting field work in conflict-affected areas of the world. Grantees can work on a variety of research or extension programs that will allow them to chronicle critical issues being faced by communities, such as:     

  • Peace and reconciliation
  • Poverty and food insecurity
  • Forms of violence (gender, school, domestic, political, etc)
  • Migration/refugee crisis 

This grant was inspired by Howard G. Buffett’s use of photography to document the nexus of conflict and development in “Fragile: The Human Condition.” This grant is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation Chair on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University.

SMGP Program Areas:

  • Our Student Media Grant Program has recently been adjusted to better align with our cross-cutting themes which are central to our operations, and to be more collaborative with the ConDev research portfolio. ConDev’s research focuses largely on mitigating conflict related to four program areas, which are based on their potential to combat key drivers of international conflict:


             1.     Food security      2.    Youth Employment    3.    Natural Resources    4.    Local Institutions

    Through SMGP, grantees will need to demonstrate a 3-month engagement (minimum) with international development issues through extension activities, internships, student research, or other programs and create media content to document that engagement. Students may use photography, videos, blogs, social media and other forms of photojournalism to document how their program contributed to development issues.


All work produced by Student Media Grant winners will be used by the Center on Conflict and Development at Texas A&M University and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation to advance advocacy and public awareness of critical issues facing international development. All other organizations or individuals wishing to use any of the work produced by Student Media Grant winners will require previous approval from the authors. 

The SMGP Application Period is now closed

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