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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Here is a list of our previous grantees and their projects from 2019 back to 2013. This photojournalism grant is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation Chair on Conflict and Development.

Student Media Grant (SMGP) Funded Projects


A grant for student photojournalists to cover difficult topics in conflict-affected countries through compelling photo stories.

ConDev’s Student Media Grants award up to $5,000 to current students interested in capturing conflict-related issues facing fragile and conflict-affected areas of Latin America through stunning photography. This photojournalism grant is funded by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation Chair on Conflict and Development.

To review reports & more information on each project, please click the Past Projects tab  


2020 Projects 

  • Ruth Matamoros - The University of Texas-Austin. "The is no Land for Settlers: Indigenous Peoples Land Right Struggles in the Northern Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua" (Nicaragua)
  • Dylan Manshack - Texas A&M University. "Extinguishing the Flames of Inequality: Preventing Conflict through Developed Perspectives" (Chile) 
  • Rodrigo Salido-Moulinie - The University of Texas-Austin. "Tired of Begging: Devotion to Santa Muerte in Mexico City" (Mexico)
  • Fredy Vergara - University of Cartagena. "Caribbean: Peace and Resilience" (Colombia)

2019 Projects 

  • Colombia. Ricardo Velasco. The University of Texas at Austin. "Memory and Sustainability for Peace and Reconciliation in Transitional Colombia." 
  • Mexico. Jorge Choy. The University of Texas at Austin. “Where dreams and nightmares meet: Central American, African, and Asian migrants and asylum seekers in Mexico’s Southern Border” 
  • Colombia. Alexis Aubin. University of Montreal.  “A Wounded Land.” 
  • Guatemala. Nathalia Hernandez. The University of Texas at Austin. “Curanderas (Healers): Mayan Women’s Voices and Bodies in Resistance”
  • Brazil. Daoud Qamar, Texas A&M University. “Living in Neglect: The People of the Hill”  
  • Uganda. Jessica Spence. Texas A&M University. “Photovoice over Gender-based Agriculture Issues with Smallholder Female Farmers”

2018 Projects

  • Guatemala. Maryanna Nascimento. Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil. “Photo with Coffee – Guatemalan Children Telling their Stories”
  • Brazil. Plinio Luis Pereira. Federal University of Parana in Brazil. “Brazil: Living with Fear – The War Inside Brazil"
  • Ghana. Debbie Onuoha.  Universidade Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnologias, Lisbon, Portugal. “Illegal Artisan Gold Mining in Ghana” – Not completed 

2017 Projects

  • Turkey. Özge Sebzeci. Marmara University in Istanbul. “Turkey: The Struggle for Women’s Rights.”
  • Kenya. Brian Otieno and Anthony Ochieng. Moi University, Kenya. “Closing Dadaab”

2016 Projects

  • Ethiopia. Menychle M. Abebe. NLA University College, Norway. “Fighting for Childhoods”
  • Nepal. Purushottam “Puru” Shah. Georgia Institute of Technology. “The Plight of the Labor Migrant”
  • France and Greece. Andrea Batarse. Texas A&M University. “A Day in the Life of a Refugee”

2015 Projects

  • Bangladesh & India. Amit Ghoshal. Texas A&M University. “Human-Wildlife Conflict in the Sundarbans”
  • Haiti. Diana Juárez-Sánchez. Texas A&M University. “Rural Food Security through a Woman’s Lens”
  • India. DJ Katju . Texas A&M University. “Ethnic Conflict and Forest Governance in Assam”
  • Kenya. Ally Krupar. Pennsylvania State University. “Learning Empowerment as a Refugee”
  • Peru. Jessica Gilbert. Texas A&M University. “Land Use in Protected Areas”
  • Nigeria. Immanuel Afolabi. University of Ibadan, Nigeria. “Boko Hazards”

2014 Projects

  • Mali. Ryan Vroegindewey  Michigan State University. “Markets and Household Food Security”
  • Nicaragua. Michael Petriello. Texas A&M University. “Natural Resource Conflict”
  • India. Meghan Luckett. Texas A&M University. “Boosting Nutrition through Female Ag Extension” 

2013 Projects

  • Mali. Ryan Vroegindewey. Michingan State University. “Household Food Insecurity” 
  • Guatemala. Christopher Bieleki. Texas A&M University. “Rephotography”

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