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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Research on Crime and Violence in Mexico

The Program on Conflict and Development, through the USAID/Mexico Mission, is evaluating the effectiveness of three different U.S. and Mexican government funded interventions in drug and gang violence in Mexican cities along the U.S. border. 


Focused Deterrence Impact Evaluation

ConDev is leading the design and evaluation of a USAID and Mexican Government supported Mexico Focused Deterrence Activity that is implemented for crime and violence reduction in selected municipalities in Nuevo Leon and Chihuahua. The evaluation examines the principles and methodology of focus deterrence adapted to Nuevo Leon’s and Chihuahua’s contexts and assess which methodological, logistical, and operational conditions are necessary for successful focus deterrence implementation. The team is also providing recommendations to enhance the design, implementation, and sustainability of future crime and violence prevention programs.  

For more information, please contact Dr. Shahriar Kibriya. 

JPV (Juntos Para la Prevencion de la Violencia) Performance Evaluation

The Program on Conflict and Development partnered with the USAID Mexico Mission to conduct an evaluation of their 100+ Million USD investments on preventing crime and violence in the Mexican society. More specifically, the performance evaluation gauged Juntos para la Prevención de la Violencia (JPV)’s effectiveness in promoting reductions in crime and violence levels by strengthening local prevention systems (LPSs) and reducing the likelihood of youth participating in crime and violence. Even though the program successfully increased awareness and positioned the prevention agenda, the generation of sustainable and  multisector collaboration achieved mixed results. The evaluation is providing assistance in designing development of programs with enhanced design, delivery, and coverage to promote evidence-based policy implementation.   

For more information, please contact Dr. Shahriar Kibriya. 

Learning for Local Crime and Violence Prevention

ConDev is conducting a multiyear learning activity of municipal crime and violence prevention efforts in Mexico. Dr. Kibriya organized and led a team of academics, development practitioners and field researchers to examine the local crime and violence dynamics in the Northern parts of Mexico. The team synthesized and amassed quantitative data on Mexican Crime and Violence on 10 years from  9 Mexican states. The team also collected 12 rounds of interviews from prime informants to understand the main drivers, stressors and mediators of violence.   


 For more information, please contact Dr. Shahriar Kibriya. 





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