The aim of the Congo Peace Center (CPC) is to support and achieve sustainable peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and facilitate its integration into a more stable and peaceful Great Lakes region. The CPC is committed to achieving good governance, inclusive economic development, and national integration and reconciliation.

CPC Objectives

The Congo Peace Center works to:

  • Promote national and local community dialogue as a sustainable foundation for Congolese peace and development;
  • Establish civic, economic, and security training programs for Congolese citizens and officials;
  • Elevate Congolese voices as the key to setting the country’s agenda for development and governance;
  • Raise awareness and reinforce institutional capacities regarding justice and the fight against impunity;
  • Join the DRC in equipping itself of new forms of decentralized and participative governance and laws;
  • Build capacity for peace-building and conflict prevention at the local level across Congo;
  • Build a common regional strategy aimed at the eradication of negative forces and promotion of cross-border development;
  • Contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty through integrative and labor-intensive community projects;
  • Focus on institutional development and transparency in decision-making as a key to progress and sustainability.

CPC Activities

ConDev and CPC work with a number of organizations across DRC to promote its vision. This center includes a conference center at Université Catholique du Graben in Butembo with a seating capacity of 600. The center aims to promote regional dialogue, conflict and development publications, and other activities with the goal of leading to stability.

DRC: Congo Peace Center (CPC) Construction


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