ConDev grant winner Grant Gordon is featured on the Ezra Klein Show! Should be of particular interest to students of intervention and aspiring global development professionals and researchers. Click here to check out the podcast for yourself!

2016.08.18 Grant Gordon Podcast

At 00:55, he discusses his Condev-sponsored research in the DRC (full research paper here). Here are some other highlights:

  • His History, Inspiration, and Thoughts on Humanitarian Intervention (00:08)
  • Approaching Humanitarian Work with Humility: External Funding, HIV/Activism and the Prevention of Atrocities (00:22)
  • Mitigating Conflict, and the Utility & Limitations of Randomized Control Trials (00:41)
  • Gathering Evidence in Conflict Zones and Other Difficult Areas; a.k.a. Patience & Beer: Getting Stuff Done in the DRC & Sierra Leone (00:47)
  • Identifying Loyal Soldiers by Underpaying the Military (00:55)–ConDev-sponsored ‪#‎research‬ in the ‪#‎DRC‬!!
  • Challenges of Working in the Humanitarian Sector for an Extended Period of Time (1:00)
  • Advice for Future Humanitarian Professionals: Do Your Homework, Develop Valuable Skills & Find “Horizontal Mentors” (1:06)
  • Book Recommendations (1:25)
2015-04-13 15.29.42

Survey team that interviewed members of the FARDC celebrate survey completion


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