In addition to its four primary program areas—which were selected as points of focus based on the key drivers of international conflict—ConDev also has four cross-cutting themes that are central to its operations:


Fill Knowledge Gaps

ConDev researchers, along with the Center’s field and M&E personnel, work hard to generate meaningful and actionable data and analysis to fill knowledge gaps. Visit ConDev’s Research webpage to read through papers from ConDev students and grantees, or visit the Strategic Analytics Lab to dig deeper into ConDev’s quantitative research related to conflict.


Integrate Gender and Vulnerable Populations

ConDev is also committed to incorporating gender-sensitive research into all of its programs and research initiatives, with a particular focus on creating opportunities for women through agricultural education. Partners and projects with a particular emphasis on gender include:

The Center works to empower those most vulnerable, including migrant and refugee populations through initiatives in El Salvador; Student Media Grants to Nigeria, Europe and Kenya; and Capstone Courses with the Bush School of Government and Public Service. ConDev also works to mitigate and prevent conflict in populations that are vulnerable due to food insecurity and youth unemployment.


Leverage Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

The Center strives to identify and test new ICT applications in conflict-affected and fragile countries, with an emphasis on leveraging innovative technologies for use in research and development extension. Pertinent projects include:


Support Local-Led Solutions

Finally, throughout its entire portfolio of programs, ConDev partners with local research institutions to generate solutions for and by the local population. In doing so, it hopes to foster a global network of scholars. In this regard, ConDev’s flagship initiatives include the Congo Peace Center in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), ConDev grant winners Sharing the Land‘s work in the DRC, and the Center’s Competitive Research Grants for Local Faculty.