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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Colombia: A Wounded Land

This was one of the 2019 Student Media Grant projects conducted by Alexis Aubin, a student from University of Montreal.

Colombia: A Wounded Land 

2019 Student Media Grant Program

Alexis Aubin, a student from University of Montreal, traveled to Colombia to complete his photojournalism project entitled  “Colombia: A Wounded Land.” 

Landmines are different from every other weapon. They are not made to kill but to mutilate, to dismember, to generate fear... They are the only weapons activated by the victim. A Wounded Land explored the landmine issue in Colombia and how it affected the local populations and their relationship with the land. The purpose of this photojournalism project was to raise awareness about the collateral damages and long-term effect of war. When we think about war we usually think about the fronts, but wars are much more complex and affect people in many ways and for many generations after the cessation of hostilities.

See Alexis' pictures from A Wounded Land here

Alexis' blog documenting his SMGP Photojournalism project will be posted soon. 

Some of Alexis' work supported by the Student Media Grant Program has been used in the publications and sites listed below:  


Christian Science Monitor

‘I’m shooting images instead of people.’ A former guerrilla changes his lens.

La Presse

Colombie : le spectre d’un passé explosif resurgit


"De algunas Minas nacen héroes", Oslo RevCon, November 2019


Canadian Embassy in Colombia

Gallery Ojorojo:



Nominee International Photography Grant

Flash Forward 2019 - Magenta foundation


Instagram Takeover

Magenta Foundation 

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