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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Under the leadership of Dr. Shahriar Kibriya, the Strategic Analytics Lab serves as the quantitative research arm of the Program on Conflict and Development.


Aimed at improving the effectiveness of development programs and policies for conflict-affected and fragile countries through multidisciplinary research and education, the Program on Conflict and Development (ConDev) uses science and technology to reduce armed conflict; sustain families and communities during conflict; and assist states to rapidly recover from conflict. ConDev’s mission is accomplished through: (1) multidisciplinary, interlinked research, teaching and practice; (2) dissemination of results into development policy, program design and management; and, (3) scholarly publication on the causes of conflict and its remediation through the application of science and technology

The Strategic Analytics Laboratory (SAL) serves as ConDev’s quantitative research. Under the leadership of Dr. Shahriar Kibriya, SAL conducts deep analyses of the development programs led by ConDev and its partners. Research in this multi-disciplinary program focuses on extending the theory of development under alternate states of conflict and varying conditions of governance. Looking at the nexus of conflict and development, SAL builds on development experiences and the theory to construct applied methodologies to further stability operations and economic development.  

ConDev tests the general hypothesis that conflict at the interface of human communities is caused by perceived differential benefits from capital in its various forms, and that science and technology can be used to modify perceived benefits at those interfaces to reduce conflict and the damage it causes. 

Goal: Improve the efficiency and impact of development solutions for fragile and conflict-affected countries.


  1. Improve solutions to development challenges facing fragile and conflict-affected countries through data collection, analysis, and integration.

  2. Identify, assess, and foster wide adoption of development solutions for fragile and conflict-affected countries.

  3. Expand the community of problem solvers to create a global network addressing development challenges in fragile and conflict-affected countries.

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