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Ghana: Center for No-Till Agriculture

African agricultural research and extension to promote peace

In an effort to advance conservation-based farming approaches while developing the world’s best research and teachings for no-till practices, ConDev Senior Advisor Kofi Boa—in coordination with Rob Lalka of the Howard G. Buffett Foundation—created the Center for No-Till Agriculture in Ghana.  This first-of-its-kind institution serves as a focal point for no-till research and activities as part of a Brown Revolution approach.

ConDev conducts no-till agriculture research projects at the No-Till Center. The Center’s research is an in-field example of how conservation-based techniques can lead to better long-term results for smallholder farmers around the world than traditional practices. Its outreach activities have already garnered it a reputation through Ghana—one we hope will soon spread to West Africa and eventually across the entire continent.

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